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“ There is a lot to ‘digest’ and so many questions. However, the questions were answered one by one. We could not have had a more knowledgeable teacher. I love you, Mitzi!”
S. Cox
"This was an extremely insightful and thought-provoking workshop series. I consider it to be one, if not the most important thing I have experienced in my life! One begins to see the totality of our existence in a new and enlightened manner.”
K. Camack
“I absolutely enjoyed this workshop, at times I felt like I’d been sleeping all my life and now it is time to wake up!”
M. McIlwain
“Keep doing what you are doing. It was great and I learned a lot about myself and I have become more aware of everything and everyone around me.”
D. Vance
“I wasn’t fully aware of what was to come - now it’s nice to know what’s to happen and how to prepare myself - ‘my Higher Self’.”
S. Otis
“The videos were very interesting and the meditation techniques were very helpful (maybe you should also do a meditation series by itself...).”
G. Luther
“A deep awareness and understanding has transformed my thinking since taking the class. Mitzi is a gifted, insightful and very spiritual individual— take her classes with an open mind and walk away with Truth and meaning.”
J. Hyatt
“It was much more in depth and revealing than what I had anticipated.”
D. Luther

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