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Dr. Mitzi is simply a vessel through which Universal Pure Love and Healing Energies freely flow. By concentrating and focusing, she allows these miraculous energies to enter through her Crown Chakra, move through her body and be released through her palms…penetrating her client’s Auric Field, Chakras and physical body.  Dr. Mitzi knows the immense power of all of the amazing energies (that everyone has access to) and their positive results.    Whether it’s following Divine suggestions (as she’s working over someone) or listening and repeating Divinely received information to her students…she’s honored to have access to the wisdom, knowledge and skills necessary to implement these processes.

Energy Therapy – Aura and Chakra Cleansing/Clearing/Balancing

Your Aura is the invisible Energy Field that constantly surrounds and radites from your physical body.  Throughout your lifetime, your Aura absorbs negative energies from experiences, situations and other people.  Dr. Mitzi uses unique energetic processes to locate, “see”, “feel” and dissipate negative energies from your Auric Field.  These negative energies may present themselves in your aura as dull, distorted coloring, eratic vibrational frequencies, dark spots, and/or debris particles.  Dr Mitzi clears all negativity from your Auric Field, then cleanses and rebalances your energies.  This process results in light-hearted feelings of joy, health and peace.  

Your body consists of 7 major Energy Centers called Chakras.  Like your Aura, your Chakras absorb negative energies and can become blocked.  Each Energy Center represents a different area of your life and emotions. When these centers become dirty or blocked, your physical body can react negatively, potentially causing injury or illness.  Dr. Mitzi uses a different unique process to locate, “see”, “feel”, and clear the negative energies from your Chakras.  She then, realigns and balances each Chakra, separately.  This process results in feelings of physical and emotional well-being, as well as, peace, joy, balance and security.

Monthly Cleansing/Clearing/Balancing is recommended for the greatest preventative and maintenance benefits.  These processes can be performed in person, during a call or during a video call.

$60.00 – $150.00 per session

Home and Business Clearing and Blessing

Have you ever stepped into someone’s home or business and had a difficult time breathing?  Perhaps you just felt strange or for some reason you wanted to run back out, although you had no clue why.  Just like the energies in and around the body can become negative and even toxic, the same can and does happen to the energies in your home or business.  You may be living and working in a space that is not conducive to your highest good.  The worst part is that you may not even know or realize the damage those negative energies is doing to yourself, your family or your business.

Dr. Mitzi has the unique knowledge and skills to remove all negative energies from your personal and business spaces.  If you have experienced any of the following, it may be time for you to schedule your Clearing and Blessing ceremony:

  1. Illness – The recent serious illness of a family member or employee.
  2. Death – The recent death of a family member or someone who lived in the home or worked in the business.
  3. Visitors – You have entertained visitors or business acquaintances that were not positive and loving.
  4. Entities – You can sense or feel the presence of “someone” or “something” you cannot see and it’s disturbing you, your family or your business.
  5. Has Not Been Cleared and Blessed in the Past 6 Months – Dr. Mitzi highly recommends that you have your space Cleared and Blessed at least twice a year.  Once you experience the difference in your home or business after your Clearing and Blessing, you will certainly choose to make this a semi-annual event.
  6. NEVER Been Cleared and Blessed – It would amaze most if they could see and feel all of the negative energies their spaces have accumulated over the years.  Every person, event and situation comes with its own vibrational frequencies.  These energetic frequencies linger in that space, until they are cleared out.  Over time, the energies can be overwhelming and have catastrophic implications for the people living and working in those spaces.

Clearings and Blessings are ideally performed at least once every 6 months.  Dr. Mitzi guarantees her Clearing and Blessing work will remain active for 6 months.  This means, if you encounter any energetic concerns or entities in any space she Cleared and Blessed within 6 months after your ceremony, she will perform another ceremony, free of charge. 

$100.00 – $1,000.00 

Note:  48 hour notice is required prior to performing the Clearing and Blessing ceremony.

New Construction – New Property Clearing and Blessing

Same as Home and Business Clearing and Blessing, except is performed after new purchases and prior to building.

$100.00 – $1,000.00



$150.00 – $550.00


$150.00 – $550.00


$350.00 – $1,050.00

Private Sessions – Physical

$60.00 – $150.00

Private Sessions – Email, Phone Call, Zoom Call

$60.00 – $150.00

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