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“V” Deactivation

These classes are for those who have received the global vaccine(s), as well as, those who have been in close contact with vaccinated individuals and experienced vaccine shedding or transmission.

An Important  Message from Dr. Mitzi Collins.

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that most of the world governments are pushing this vaccine (or more appropriately, the biological experimental injection) on everyone, including children? Have you asked yourself “WHY”?

Have you asked yourself, “Why have major technological and scientific advances been hidden from the masses?  Do you feel as though things are going on “Behind the scenes” that every human has a right to know about…especially since citizen’s tax dollars are funding these projects?

Technological and scientific advances have grown  astronomically.  Unfortunately, most of the world has been kept in the dark about what is actually going on. 

Fortunately, highly intuitive individuals (those who have the ability to access and assimilate Divine Truth) know about and understand these technological and scientific breakthroughs.  There is nothing that can be kept from our awareness.  

Since an extremely specific type of Energy Work with extremely specific frequency modulations must be performed to deactivate the global vaccination ingredients…ONLY True Natural Energy Healers will be able to effectively perform this type of Energy Work.

As one of these Highly Intuitive beings, I’ve recently been informed that I have the honor of being one of (the less than twenty-five) True Natural Healers on the planet at this time, to whom the Energetic and Technological “information” that is necessary to deactivate the ingredients in the current global injections will be revealed.  

My Angels refer to us…the True Natural Healers, as the “Human Med Beds.” 

Need Proof???

Blood from UnVaxxed Human

Blood from Vaxxed Human

Image Courtesy of 

Our Creator can and will deactivate, reverse and/or alter anything that has been created or manipulated by any being, technology or science.

You may be asking…What’s the catch and how do I get help?

The catch is…IF you choose to participate in this humanity and life-saving deactivation process, you must also be ready to consent to allow and participate in the deprogramming and reprogramming process that I will receive from Our Creator.

Regardless of why you took the vaccine, there is real help. Whether you took it because: 

  • Your govt told you that is the right thing to do
  • You thought it would protect you from “certain death”
  • You thought it would help protect others
  • You thought you would be able to travel
  • You wanted to stop harassment from your family, friends or co-workers
  • You thought you had to have it to work
  • You thought you had to have it to attend school
  • You were living in constant fear from believing the main stream media 

Unfortunately, you’ve made a mistake!  You now know that these “global injections” are riddled with invasive, toxic and lethal chemicals, biological material and technological components. The good news is…there is an effective vaccine cure.

This deprogramming process is a mandatory requirement.  The reason for this is that, if you should continue functioning in your current mindset, you will eventually comply with other “things” that could be potentially harmful or fatal to you or someone you love.

Please understand, this deprogramming process is not one of my stipulations. I have received this directive straight from Our Creator and it MUST be followed, very specifically.  

One way to get help is participate in this process by registering for one of the classes below.

You will receive an email with additional information shortly after you register.

“V” Deactivation

Register for Tuesday Physical Classes at 1:00 pm

Classes to be held in Blountville, TN

Choose Pay in Full Option & Save $200

Pay in full $500

“V” Deactivation

Register for Wednesday Online Classes beginning at 1:00 pm

Classes to be held Live Online 

Choose Pay in Full Option & Save $200

Pay in full $500

“V” Deactivation

Register for Thursday Physical Classes at 7:00 pm

Classes to be held in Blountville, TN

Choose Pay in Full Option & Save $200

Pay in full $500

You also have these options…

Choose Multi-Pay Option

Tuesday 1:00 pm Physical Class

$60 Deposit and $60 Auto pay for 9 weeks for a Total of $600

Choose Multi-Pay Option

Wednesday 1:00 pm Live Online Class

$60 Deposit and $60 Auto pay for 9 weeks for a Total of $600

Choose Multi-Pay Option

Thursday 7:00 pm Physical Class

$60 down and $60 Auto pay for 9 weeks for a Total of $600

Alternately, if you prefer to mail your deposit and/or bring your payments to class, click here for instructions.

NOTE:  No one, who truly wishes to participate will ever be turned away from my Classes, Workshops, Counseling or Energy Therapy Sessions.  If you cannot afford the fees, please contact me at and we will find an alternate option that works for you.

Refund and Multi-Pay Policies

Refund Policy

A full refund of all monies paid will be given ONLY through the end of your first class. Simply speak to Dr. Mitzi at the end of that class and tell her that you are not satisfied with the class and would like a full refund. This applies to the physical and online classes.

Multi-Pay Policy

When you choose the Multi-Pay Option, you are agreeing that you will be responsible for paying each recurring payment for the next nine weeks.  Online multi-pay payments will automatically be charged to your card on file. If your payment does not process for any week, you are still responsible to make that and every other payment until your account is paid in full.

If you choose to mail or bring your payment to each physical class, you are agreeing to make each payment in a timely manner, even if you do not attend a class. 

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