Angel & Spirit Guide Communication

Angel & Spirit Guide Communication Workshop

What Is an Angel?
Discover what an angel is and how many are assisting you.
What Is A Spirit Guide?
What is their origin? What is their purpose? What do they mean to you? How can they enrich your life?
Conditioning your mind and body for communication with your Angels and Spirit Guides.
First Contact
What to do? What to Ask? What to expect?
Continued Contact
Maintaining successful relationships with your Angels and Spirit Guides for Personal Guidance and Support.
Your Most Effective Means of Contact
What method or methods work best for you.

Workshop Date TBA

5 Weekly Workshops

Workshop Fee: $150.00 in full (save $10.00)

or 5 weekly payments of $32.00 each ($160.00).

Bring On My Power

Your information is always kept completely confidential.

NOTE:  No one, who truly wishes to participate, will ever be turned away from my Classes, Workshops, Counseling or Energy Therapy Sessions.  If you cannot afford them, please contact me and we will find an alternate option that works for you.

Why These Classes Are So Important?

So much is going on in the world and people are finding themselves questioning everything. Things are changing all over the world and so are the people. 

Fortunately, the highly “intuitive and connected” Facilitator of the classes has received direct information from the Creator, which includes answers to your most pressing questions. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you can receive from this amazing experience.

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