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Center for Unique Creation

        “With God ALL things are possible.”      ~ Matthew 19:26


  One of the “Human Med Beds”!!!

2020 and 2021 have been confusing and strenuous years for the population of most of the world.  Humans are now waking up to the realization that they have been living in a world full of disillusion, deception and incomprehensible horrors.  I created the Center for Unique Creation to assist those who are looking for answers and are willing to open their minds to discover them. 

My name is Dr. Mitzi Collins.  As a young child I was a rebel, of sorts.  I asked lots of profoundly deep questions, many of which no one would or could answer.  I loved playing in the woods behind my home, where I was taught to communicate with and heal the trees, plants and animals.  My teachers were those whom no one else could seem to perceive.  Many are shocked to discover that Jesus visited with me on a regular basis.  It was He, who ultimately answered all of my questions. I later discovered that I had the privilege of having at my beck and call, seven additional Angels (or Spirit Guides).  Although, Jesus has always been the major contributor of my wisdom teachings, important information and practical instructions, the other seven beings are also always available to assist me.  The one (or ones) who responds to me has specialized knowledge of the situation at hand and the appropriate answers to the questions I’m asking.  Altogether, these seven Divine beings are instrumental in providing me with miraculous wisdom, information, assistance and complete protection.

From a very young age, I knew my mission on this planet was to discover effective ways to assist humans to learn to vibrate in the frequency of love, and to live happy, healthy, peaceful and satisfying lives.  Love is the energetic frequency I choose to live and express.  I embrace everything I do, everywhere I go and everyone I meet, with powerful Love vibrations. 

Early in my life, I was cautioned that in order to fulfill my mission, it was imperative for me NOT to get involved with any being or organization that may seek to control me or the miraculous teachings I have accumulated through intuitive communication.  It’s for that reason that I chose to complete my Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science from an independent university and create my own ministry.  It’s vitally important that I maintain the freedom and opportunities to teach, guide and support others, as they discover Truth for themselves.

I feel honored and blessed to have been taught by Angels, to fully develop my Divine gifts and to become an open channel for the Energy of the Creator to move through my mind and body.  This awesome Divine Energy alters and regenerates the cells and DNA within the human body, as needed.  This Energy also removes blockages and clears the toxins from the Chakras and Aura (the energy systems of the body), as it balances and realigns those energies. 

Although there’s nothing quite as amazing as being in a room full of like-minded, energetic, positive beings, many of my classes will also be available online for those who live outside the Tri-Cities area or cannot otherwise attend the physical classes.

Please do your best to grasp this Absolute Truth…anything and everything on this planet can be solved and/or healed with the proper utilization of our Creator’s miraculous Wisdom and Energies.

As an Energy Therapist and Healer, I have assisted many students and clients in overcoming their health challenges with the proper application of the Creator’s Energies.  Consequently, they have experienced extraordinary and permanent healings, along with feelings of love, peace and satisfaction.  However, I adamantly insist that I am not “special” or the Source of this miraculous process.  I simply open my mind and body, listen for Divine instructions, and provide the channel through which the miraculous healing Energies flow.  I also insist that everyone has the same abilities to develop their own Divine gifts. In my classes and workshops, I assist and support those who choose to open themselves to receive this information.

As a Teacher, I work with students to dispel the negative programming that has been occurring and became ultra rampant with the growing popularity of technology.  I encourage students to open their minds and receive important information and Truth through their own intuition.  An important note…My Angels informed me of the current global situation many years ago.  Since then, I have strongly advised my students and clients to avoid all online, television, radio and written news outlets.  I informed them that systematic, negative programming (aka brainwashing) was and still is occurring throughout all of these channels and the end results could be devastating.  Thankfully, the students who chose to abide these warnings have not become guinea pigs and taken the deadly injections that are being pushed on every human on the planet at this time. 

As an Author, I hope to help those who have experienced similar situations in their lives, to understand the reasons for their experiences.  By offering spiritual explanations for the lessons and temporary discomforts that occur during these trying times, students can better understand and deal with their current situations.  I wish to assist others in seeing their experiences in new and enlightened ways, which will allow them to move forward, taking with them the understanding that will propel them toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

   I continue to receive updated intuitive information, which I enjoy passing on to my students.  Fortunately and ironically, these mystical teachings are now backed by scientific proof, which is revealed and discussed in my classes and workshops.

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