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The past two and a half years have been confusing and strenuous years for most of the world’s population.  Humans are now waking up to the realization that they have been living in a world full of disillusion, deception and incomprehensible horrors.  I created the to assist those who are looking for healing and answers, who are willing to open their hearts and minds to discover them. 

It’s so refreshing to see so many humans, who are finally discovering who they really are and stepping up to let the world know they are powerful spiritual beings!

My name is Mitzi Collins and I have been a professional Energy Therapist, Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher since 1993.  As a young child I was the “black sheep” and the spiritual rebel of the family.  I refused to accept the status quo and asked lots of profoundly deep questions, many of which no one would or could answer.  I constantly bucked authority and refused to be controlled or told what to do. I was totally bored with school and felt it was a waste of my time.  I spent most of my education staring out the windows.  History, Geography, Government and the Sciences made absolutely no sense to me. I debated with my Government teacher about the illegitimacy of the voting system and the unconstitutional government override. He was massively perturbed by my insistence that I would never vote.  My Science teacher was shocked when I proved to him that scientific experiments were tainted by the intentions of the scientists who had control over the experiments.  

I have avoided the medical establishment because I recognized too many strange and dangerous anomalies among their protocols, practices and products many years ago.  I don’t take their medications and I certainly do not trust their protocols.  Plus, the fact that they are “practicing medicine” is a definite giveaway that they have not mastered the field.  I’m certainly not going to allow anyone to practice anything on me, especially something as dangerous as medicine.  Although, I want to believe that those who go into the medical field sincerely want to learn to heal others, I know they’re taken down an unethical path of deceit and misinformation during their training.  Many good doctors and nurses have left the medical professions because they realized they were deceived and refused to abuse their clients by following those corrupt medical protocols.

To be honest, I refuse to trust or abide by any of the social norms, which include…all governments; corporate entities; technological organizations; medical establishments; pharmaceutical organizations; charitable organizations; organized religions; educational systems; and main stream media outlets.  I do not trust them because decades ago my Guides informed me of the nefarious beings who had infiltrated and corrupted all of these places.  My Guides also informed me of the nefarious being’s agendas, which were finally made public in 2020 and are continuing to be played out today.  My own intensive research proved my Guides information to be 100% correct. I’ve learned since then, not to question them because they are always on target and working for the highest good of humanity and me!

I’ve always “known” about things that were going to happen…before they happened and I “saw” things no one else could see.  I loved playing in the woods behind my home, where Spirit taught me to love, communicate with and heal the trees, plants and animals.  My Spirit teachers were very visible and real to me, but invisible and imaginary to others.  Jesus visited with me on a regular basis.  It was He, who ultimately answered my most pressing questions.  I later discovered that I had the privilege of having at my beck and call, seven personal Angels and Spirit Guides.  Angels are highly evolved beings who have never experienced physical life on Earth.  Spirit Guides are highly evolved beings who have experienced physical life on the Earth.  Jesus was the major contributor of my early wisdom teachings, important information and practical instructions.  Like Jesus, my Angels and Guides are always available to assist me and answer my many questions.  The one (or ones) who responds to me has experience or specialized knowledge of the subject of my question or the situation at hand.  Altogether, these beautiful beings are instrumental in providing me with amazing wisdom, information, assistance and complete protection.

From a very young age, I knew I was destined for a huge and important healing mission.  I also knew that in preparation for my mission, it was necessary to develop my own powerful, spiritual talents and discover effective ways to assist interested humans to do the same.  I set out to do just that…I love guiding and supporting humans, as they learn to vibrate in the frequency of love and to live happy, healthy, peaceful and satisfying lives.  Love is the energetic frequency in which I choose to live and express my being.  I immerse everything I do, everywhere I go and everyone I meet with my powerful “Love Vibrations”. 

I was cautioned (by my guides) that in order to fulfill my mission, it was imperative for me NOT to get involved with any being or organization that may attempt to suppress or control me in any way.  It is my responsibility to share the miraculous teachings and miracles I have accumulated through experience and my intuitive communications with Spirit.  That is precisely why I chose to complete my Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science from an independent university and create my own mechanisms for expression.  It’s vitally important that I maintain the freedom and opportunities to teach, guide, heal and support others, as they discover their Truth.

I feel honored and blessed to have been taught by Spirit. That’s how and why I have been able to successfully develop my gifts and to become an open channel for the Energy of the Creator to flow through my mind and body.  These awesome Energies alter and regenerate the cells and DNA within the human body, as needed.  These powerful Energies also deactivate invasive chemical, biological and technological materials, remove blockages and clear the toxins from the body, as well as its Aura and Chakras (the energy systems of the body).  After that, all of the energetic systems are balanced and realigned. 

Although there’s nothing quite as amazing as being in a room full of like-minded, energetic, positive beings, my classes and sessions are available online or by Zoom Calls Thankfully, Love and Energy know no boundaries!

Since you’ve discovered my website, you’ve most likely grasped or are ready to grasp the fact that…ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING can be solved, activated, repaired, regenerated, and/or healed with Unconditional Love, Wisdom and Divine Energy!

I’m not perfect, I’ve made many mistakes in my life and I’m sure I’ll make more.  However, I always do my very best to treat everyone with love, kindness and respect…the same way I expect to be treated.  I choose not to associate with those who are negative.  I refuse to be involved in anything other than positive, loving conversations and experiences.  I’ve consciously created the healthy, adventurous, loving and peaceful life that I enjoy now by setting these important boundaries.

As an Energy Therapist and Energy Healer, I have assisted many students and clients in overcoming their health challenges with the proper application of the Creator’s Energies.  Consequently, they have experienced extraordinary and permanent healings, along with feelings of love, peace and satisfaction.  However, I always inform my students and clients that I am not “special” or the Source of this miraculous process. I simply offer my heart, mind and body, listen for higher instructions, provide a healing environment and become an open channel through which powerful healing Energies flow.  It’s up to each individual to accept the energies and allow their body to respond positively, so it can heal itself.  I also inform everyone that it’s their responsibility to put forth the efforts necessary to develop their spiritual abilities and increase their energetic frequencies. Everyone has the ability to activate their DNA and develop their own repertoire of powerful “miracles”.  Through my many classes and workshops, I guide and support those who choose to open themselves to receive the information, wisdom and energies that will support them in activating their own amazing spiritual powers.

As a Spiritual Teacher, I work with students to dispel the negative programming that has been occurring and became ultra rampant with the growing popularity of technology.  I encourage students to open their minds and receive important information and Truth through their own intuition.  An important note…My Guides informed me of the current global “situations” many years ago.  Since then, I have strongly advised my family, friends, clients and students to avoid all mainstream media news and programming…including online, television, radio and in physical formats (such as: newspapers, magazines and billboards).  I was informed that systematic, negative programming (aka brainwashing) was and continues to be occurring throughout all of these captured channels.  The end results of partaking in these media will be not be pleasant.  Thankfully, those who chose to listen did not fall for the dangerous and deadly injections that are being pushed on every human on the planet at this time. 

As an Author, I hope to help those who have experienced similar situations, as I have incurred.  My purpose is to assist others in understanding the reasons for their experiences and how to overcome those disappointments, traumas and negative situations.  I offered practical and spiritual explanations for the lessons and temporary discomforts that occurred during those trying experiences. It is my hope that people will have a better understanding of how to deal with challenges from their past to make their current situations more pleasurable.  I hope others will view their experiences in new and enlightened ways, which will allow them to move forward.  Hopefully they can successfully access realizations that will propel them toward a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life. 

Click here to order my book, “Live Your Fairytale: How to Create Your Own Enchanting Life!”

   I continue to receive new and updated intuitive information, which I enjoy passing on to my students and clients.  Ironically, many of these mystical teachings and the spiritual technology, of which humans have always had access, are now echoed by peer reviewed science. 

Finally, “normal” humans are turning to me for guidance, support and healing!  Seems I’m no longer considered a Conspiracy Theorist, Witch or Weirdo!!  My Guides told me this would happen.  Big smiles!!

In Light, Life & Love,

~ Mitzi

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