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About Dr. Mitzi

The past two and a half years have been confusing and strenuous years for most of the world’s population.  Humans are now waking up to the realization that they have been living in a world full of disillusion, deception and incomprehensible horrors.  I created the to assist those who are looking for healing and answers, and are willing to open their hearts and minds to discover them. 

It’s so refreshing to see so many humans, who are finally discovering who they really are and stepping up to let the world know they are powerful spiritual beings!

I am known as Dr. Mitzi Collins, Energy Therapist, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Author.  As a natural healer, I have been trained by highly evolved Angels and Spirit Guides.  My work includes Chakra and Auric cleansing, clearing and balancing, Energetic healing, private Spiritual Counseling, Clearing & Blessing energies in homes and businesses, negative energy and entity removal. I also teach through classes, workshops and retreats… Many Spiritual Concepts including…Understanding Who You Truly Are, Finding Ones Passion, Mental, Physical & Emotional Healing, Seeing and Reading Auras, Angel & Spirit Guide Communication just to name a few.

I enjoy working with others who choose to support and assist in the healing and evolution of anyone who is ready to learn who they truly are and accept their power.

In 1986, an experience occurred in which a Divine being informed me that I came here (during this time in human history) because I am a Healer and my skills would soon be needed.  That night an instantaneous healing, which resulted in the return of my physical eyesight, occurred.  That experience sent me on a miraculous search for Truth and enlightenment that has changed the course of my life. 

I understood that to do this work, without being controlled or regulated, I would need a ministerial degree.  However, preferring not to get involved with compromised religious organizations, I chose to pursue and achieve a doctoral degree in Metaphysical Science.

Teaching spirituality and assisting others to clear, heal and balance their Chakras and Auric energies became my life’s work.  This resulted in great improvements in my student’s and client’s mental, emotional and physical well being.  Using my abilities to see and feel their energetic frequencies, I can detect the sources of “dis-ease” and distress in their mind, body and emotions.  Once those sources are identified, they are systematically eliminated by incorporating the correct combination of counseling and EnergyWork to prepare the mind and body to begin the natural healing process. 

Meditating (preferably in nature) became a big part of my daily routine.  One day, as I sat in the woods on my property, I was asked by one of my Guides to bring a pencil and paper with me the next day. Early each morning, I went to my special meditation space (which I came to understand was actually at an energetic portal) and proceeded to “automatically write” what I was being taught.  During that time, I learned that the being who occupies this body now, is not the one who was originally born into this body.  An experience had occurred in 1994, in which another being changed places with the original being.  Recalling the incident, I knew exactly the time and place in which my guides referred.  That was when I believed I had lost my memory and my mind…for nearly a year.  For 40 days, my guides transmitted information that I was to turn into classes and workshops to teach others.  

 Through classes, workshops, retreats and private sessions I offer this immense spiritual knowledge, along with my energy, love, guidance, and support to individuals seeking happiness, abundance, peace, health and Truth. 

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I continue to receive new and updated intuitive information, which I enjoy passing on to my students and clients.  Ironically, many of these mystical teachings and the spiritual technology, of which humans have always had access, are now echoed by peer reviewed science. 

So, if you’re looking to Science for answers, you’re looking backwards.  You have all the answers within YOU!!!  I would love the opportunity to help you learn to access them.

Finally, “normal” humans are turning to me for guidance, support and healing!  Seems I’m no longer considered a Conspiracy Theorist, Witch or Weirdo!!  My Guides told me this would happen.  Big smiles!!

In Light, Life & Love,

~ Mitzi

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