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Spiritual Teacher

Energy Therapist & Energy Healer

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Welcome To Your Safe Space!

This is Where You Can Safely and Completely Explore Your True Self and Create Your Unique Life!

I would be honored to assist you to:

Discover Who You Truly Are!

Access Your Miraculous POWER!

Meditate Effectively!

Increase Your Energetic Frequencies!

Become Joyful, Achieve Lasting Health and Attain Peace!

Discover How to Be Completely Secure & Protected!

Understand That Your Body Is Pure Energy!

Understand What’s Really Going On, Globally, Right Now!

Discover the Truth and History That Have Been Hidden From Humans for Milleniums!

Take Back and Maintain Your Sovereignty!

Intensify Your Amazing Energies!

Prepare for Your Energetic Activation!

Did you know that humans have been kept in the dark for milleniums by “The Powers That Be”? 

That is exactly why most humans have no idea that they are actually EXTREMELY POWERFUL!

Dr. Mitzi, gently guides and supports you to discover love, health, happiness, freedom, abundance, protection and peace.

Are you ready to get out of the darkness and move into the LIGHT? Are you ready to explore, apply and activate your extraordinary


If so, just imagine Your Amazing Life, once you have the knowledge and skills to do all of these miraculous things…

Let’s Do This…

With Love,

     ~ Mitzi

Quantum Energy Balancing

Are you feeling sluggish, tired and out of sorts.  This experience is for you.  Be refreshed and re-energized in 30 minutes or less. Click here for more information or to schedule your Quantum Energy Balancing Session.

Sessions, Classes & Workshops

Quantum Energy Balancing Sessions

Re-energize and feel great with renewing and empowering EnergyWork sessions.

Click here to schedule your Live Session.

Quantum Energy Healing Sessions

Prepare your body, mind and emotions for healing with these powerful, beneficial and extraordinary Energy Healing sessions.

Click here to schedule your Live Session.

Angel & Spirit Guide Communications

Live, Online Classes Coming Soon

Why Are These Classes and Workshops So Important???

So much is going on in the world and humans are finding themselves confused and questioning everything. Things are changing all over the world and so are humans. Why not receive truthful information straight from the beings who are here to support and guide you through your life?  You can learn to effectively communicate with these beings in the Angel & Spirit Guilde Workshop.

Here Are Some of the Miracles You Can Make Happen…When You’re in the Know!

Dr. Mitzi Collins Spiritual Teacher, Energy Therapist & Healer. Guides and supports you to discover love, health, happiness, freedom, abundance, protection and peace.

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